We’re Flushing With Rainwater!

B-CAD Receives Final Approval to Activate Rainwater Harvesting System Today the County Inspectors officially approved our rainwater harvesting system for flushing toilets. The entire system was designed and installed by B-CAD.

It operates using rainwater runoff from 6,000 SF of roof area and is collected into (2) 1,500 gallon above-ground water storage tanks. The water is pumped, filtered to remove particulates, zapped by UV to destroy any living organisms and injected with chlorine and blue dye … then on to the toilets. The system now provides 100% of B-CAD’s toilet flushing needs.

As we continue on our goal of becoming the greenest building in the state, this is one of many green/energy saving features have accomplished to date. The list includes the installation of (121) PV solar collectors which generate over 50% of all our electrical power needs, LED lighting and occupancy controls, high efficiency windows which are opened on nice days and an organic veggie garden created from unneeded parking area ………………………A number of additional ideas are in the works … so stay tuned!