Governor Markell Visits B-CAD

Date/Time: August 09, 2012

Location: Brandywine CAD

Governor Markell and Secretary of Economic & Development Office, Levin, visited B-CAD on August 9, 2012. The Governor had gotten word about some of the creative undertakings B-CAD was accomplishing at the old Post Office Building. They enjoyed the history and the walk down “Memory Lane”, B-CAD’s 75-foot long wall of historical local Delaware photos.

The Governor is a strong proponent of a “sustainable” Delaware and was very interested in B-CAD’s goal to become LEED Platinum Certified. They appreciated the seeing the solar PV installation, organic vegetable garden, high efficiency HVAC and lighting systems and many other green features.

Governor Markell and Secretary Levin appreciated the B-CAD’s potential as a community educator and a growing employer. They offered any assistance they could provide and expressed their desire to informed on B-CAD’s journey.