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All new classes for AutoCAD and REVIT!

We have an all new class list for AutoCAD and REVIT! Call our office at 302-478-8334 to discuss available class times and pricing.    

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Background Mask for Dimensions in Revit

In Autodesk Revit dimensions are controlled per type (similar to style in AutoCAD). Therefore you cannot assign Background Mast to individual dimensions strings. You will need to create a separate Dimension Type which will have Backgrounds mask assigned to it. …

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Symbols in Revit

Revit uses TrueType Fonts that are available to all programs.  AutoCAD uses SHX files which were only written for AutoCAD.  Symbols that are available for any given font strictly depend on the font used (for example whether Diameter or Centerline …

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Background Mask for Dimensions in AutoCAD

Here is the solution: Highlight the dimension and right click to Properties. Under Text, the first item is Fill Color, which is typically set to None. Scroll down and select Background. This can also be applied in the dimension style …

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Dimension Line Tricks

If you have dimension lines crossing, you don’t need to break them manually.  You can use the DIMBREAK command (or tool in Annotate Tab/ Dimensions Panel) to create smart breaks and maintain your associative dimensions. Need to sort out unevenly …

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U.S. Deptartment of Energy Acknowledges B-CAD

Following is a Blog issued by the U.S. Dept of Energy about B-CAD on November 26, 2013. For 23 years, a Wilmington, Delaware, computer-aided design firm leased its office space. That all changed in 2010 when Brandywine CAD Design, Inc. (B-CAD) …

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B-CAD Gets New Windows

B-CAD’s workspace is now less drafty and brighter and the staff look forward to nice days when they can open the new operable windows. The (12) large, multi-colored, opaque, leaky, single pane windows were replaced with low – E glass and thermal …

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B-CAD Goes Solar

B-CAD continues on their goal towards a sustainable site.  They are now going solar and installing a 28 KW solar photovoltaic (PV) system which is expected to provide about 50% of B-CAD’s electrical needs.   The system consists of (121) 230-watt …

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