Field Surveys

B-CAD provides field verification services to confirm existing conditions of your facility, including all building components.  We have the experience and the instruments to properly measure and document any building type or use.

Our Team is trained to conform to client and industry accepted safety requirements and understand the importance of personal and occupant safety and protection.

B-CAD staffs the work with the appropriate individual matched to adequately and efficiently capture the particular building system.

B-CAD Field Verification Specialties Include
  • Architectural Floor Plans
  • Furniture Layouts
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Room Number & Department Names
  • HVAC and Plumbing Systems
  • Electrical and Communication Systems
  • MEP Plant Equipment Sizes and Layouts
Field Verification is Needed For
  • Creating accurate Master Plans
  • Preparation for Upcoming Addition or Renovation
  • Validate “actual” vs. “leased” space
  • Define Cost Centers
  • Create accurate information for Facility Managers
  •  Inventory physical assets
  • Confirm conformance to Codes
Those Who Use Our Services Are
  • Building Owners
  • Facility Managers
  • Architects & Engineers
  • Contractors
The Ongoing Advantages Are
  • Drawings created with client standards
  • Better understanding of facility conditions & needs
  • More effective planning
  • More accurate design & construction
  • Facility Managers/Maintenance better informed